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Easy Arm Intelligent Lifting Arm

An intelligent lifting device in the form of an ergonomic articulating jib crane


Does your lifting application require a little more than traditional lifting devices can offer? When speed, precision, and programmability matter—choose Easy Arm®.

The Easy Arm Intelligent Lifting Arm is a combination of our G-Force lifting device and an articulating jib crane. It is an ideal solution if you are looking for a turn-key, plug and play lifting solution. You get all the strength, precision, and speed of our patented G-Force lifting technology and processor controlled electric servo drive system in the body of an ergonomic articulating jib crane.

There are two Easy Arm models to choose from: the Q2 and the iQ2. The Q2 model is our feature packed base model. It offers the same speed and precision as our higher-end iQ2 model, with 2 user configurable inputs and outputs on the handle. Need more customization? The iQ2 model offers 8 configurable IO points on the handle plus 8 dedicated Input and 4 dedicated Output points at the actuator.


  • All of the Features of a G-Force in a jib format
  • Allows reaching into a work cell or around obstacles
  • Can be relocated within the workplace when mounted to a mobile base
  • Two pivot points make it easy to reach around obstacle or into machines
  • Unmatched precision
  • Float mode for exact positioning


  • Reaching into a work cell or around obstructions
  • Rapid changes in direction. Loading/unloading machined parts
  • Moving products around a work cell
  • Palletising
  • Assembly Tasks

Choose Free Standing Easy Arm for:

  • Smaller work areas that require 4,260 mm spans or less
  • Capacities of 75, 150, and 300 kg
  • Easy installation: Unit ships assembled and ready to be installed
  • No foundation required (some conditions apply, see Installation Manual)
  • Easy relocation: the Easy Arm® is simply bolted to the floor

Choose Under Hung Easy Arm for:

  • Saving valuable floor space
  • Hook heights over 280mm
  • Covering multiple work cells
  • 75 kg standard capacity. Contact Matpack to inquire about 150 kg unit.


  • Reaching into a work cell or around obstructions
  • Reaching under overhead obstructions like exhaust hoods
  • Reaching into machines
  • High cycle pick and place
  • Loading/unloading machined parts

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