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The economical hand-winch bin lifter.


The Ezi-MT is an economical manual bin lifter from Simpro, designed for low-volume users. Although it has a large 65kg lifting capacity, the Ezi-MT is lightweight and easy to move – making it an ideal solution for schools, cafes, small businesses, and local councils.

The Ezi-MT uses the same reliable tipping action found on other Simpro products, but with a difference: it is powered by the user! The unique hand winch-powered design allows full compliance with workplace health and safety laws, without expensive hydraulic machinery.

Like other Simpro products, the Ezi-MT always keeps the weight of the bin within the footprint of the machine throughout the tipping cycle. This ensures safety and stability, even when emptying very heavy bins.

Whole-of-life environmental impact was considered from the start of the Ezi-MT design process, to create a product that doesn't hurt the planet. The unique single-mast design weighs just 110kg, and can be shipped flat-packed to reduce carbon emissions from transport. The Ezi-MT has no powered components, generates no electronic waste, and is completely recyclable.

Yet the Ezi-MT is also very robust, and can be used outdoors for many years with little or no maintenance.





Ezi-MT Specifications 
Tipping height1500mm
Height2302mm cradle lowered / 2535mm cradle raised
Capacity (max bin weight)65kg
Cradle compatibility (EN840 cradle)60L, 80L, 120L, 140L, 240L EN840 wheelie bins (options: custom cradle)
Bin throw~180mm with 240L wheelie bin / ~105mm with 120L wheelie bin
Electrical specificationsNot applicable
User interfaceWinch handle, grab handle, dual foot-brakes
Ingress protectionIP66
Cradle travel speedOperator dependent (typically ≤ 0.2m/s)
Tipping cycle durationOperator dependent (typically ~30s)
Noise level at operator’s ear⪅ 40dB(A)
MaterialsPowdercoated mild steel frame, zinc-plated 1.6mm sheetmetal guarding, zinc-plated mild steel cradle
Mounting⌀100mm Blue Resilex castors, two braked (options: pneumatic tyres)
Applicable Standards and CertificationsAS/NZS4024:2014, ISO 13849-1:2006, Conformité Européene (CE)

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