Electric Chain Hoists

Hoisting is a vital process in lifting and shifting in many industrial applications. Matpack can supply KITO 3-phase Hoists with all cranes supplied, plus can offer both KITO Single and Dual Phase hoists individually.


EQ Electric Chain Hoist

Compactness and reduced size are some of the special features of KITO’s EQ electric chain hoist.

With the lifting capacities ranging from 250 kg, 500 kg to 1,000 kg the EQ can be used to perform a wide range of commonplace tasks. Furthermore a wide variety of suspensions and lifting heights are available.

  • Compact hook end approach
  • High productivity feature: 130 % speed at less than 30 % WLL
  • High duty rating: FEM 3m/ISO M6 rating through 500 kg
  • Low maintenance due to: no transformer, no magnetic contactor, no brake contactor, no brake coil


  • Frequency inverter as standard: smooth and precise load control, adjustable speed control (standard speed ratio 6:1)
  • 380 – 440 V / 50 Hz / 3 P
  • Electronic overload limiter via frequency inverter
  • Extremely robust Aluminium die-cast body: small, light, rugged
  • Electromagnetic pull-rotor motor brake: Long life, maintenance free
  • Heavy-duty fan-cooled motor
  • Electronic thermal motor protection prevents motor from overheating
  • Hanging suspension: Easy to assemble / disassemble
  • Upper – lower limit switch
  • Counter hour meter
  • Ergonomic push button control
  • Control voltage 24 V DC
  • Abrasion-resistant nickel-plated load chain for high and uniform strength (800 N/mm2), in accordance with standard
  • DIN EN 818-7
  • Plastic chain container

ModelCapacity (kg)FEM%EDLifting speed (m/min)Chain size (mm)Chain fallsHeadroom (mm)


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