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The original 1.5-tonne electric pallet truck from EP Equipment.


The EPT20-15ET is the original 1.5-tonne electric pallet truck from EP Equipment. With power drive and lift, maintenance-free batteries and a convenient onboard charger, it is an ideal solution for medium-duty pallet moving tasks in the shop, warehouse and logistics chain.

In retail settings, pallet trucks need to be small and easy to handle so as to avoid disrupting customer flow. This requirement has helped drive adoption of the EPT20-15ET in recent years, with over 25,000 units sold. The truck is also suitable for weight-constrained taillifts, with a service weight just over 220kg. An armoured steel cover protects the motor, drive wheel and batteries from impacts and rough handling.

A truly versatile workhorse, the EPT20-15ET is available with forks to suit all common CHEP and EURO pallets, and even digital scales. The truck is powered by a Curtis DC controller which can be serviced by any forklift company, and backed by a one-year EP warranty.

  • Capacity 1500kg
  • Fork dimensions (560/685)x(1150/1220)x(40/60/85)mm
  • 2x 12V/85Ah sealed gel batteries
  • Onboard charger
  • Curtis DC controller
  • Service weight ~225kg
  • 12-month EP factory warranty

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