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LoLift low profile Scissor Lifts

The ultra low profile scissor lift, providing a no pit lift table solution


A pallet sized platform in a unique low profile design, the LoLift delivers pallet truck and trolley access with a unique tray style platform.

With a capacity of 1000 kg and a low height of just 40 mm, the LoLift can be used in applications where wheeled access onto the lift deck is essential or with high pallet loads. The LoLift is accessible with a hand pallet truck or with a wheelchair. This makes the LoLift ideal for disabled access where low steps present an obstacle.

The LoLift ultra low-profile scissor lift table is ideally suited to use with a hand pallet truck.

LoLift has the following features:

  • 1000 kg lift capacity
  • 40 mm height platform
  • Reach over only 9.5cm’s allowing easy operator access to load from sides
  • Wall mount control standard. Option of pendant or foot controls
  • Durable construction in accordance with AS 1250 steel standard
  • Safety bars or skirts to protect operator. Photo eye protection across entrance


  • Smartlift, a control and safety feature unique to Safetech that offers productivity, safety and maintenance advantages. Smartlift provides an electronic diagnostic system with automatic down indexing and enhanced safety characteristics
  • Roll through capability. Ideal for disabled access. Roll through allows wheeled entry from the one side of the table and exit at the opposite side.
  • Choice of deck construction – stainless steel, checker plate and more


  • Manual palletising or depalletising
  • Loading or unloading of stillages, containers, bins, bags, bricks, tiles
  • For elevating product placed on conveyors, into feeding hoppers, extruders
  • Maintenance of process and production equipment
  • Personnel lifts
  • Disabled access

Watch a quick video demonstrating the LoLift lifting platform

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