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Pallet Exchanger

Your pallets, your way – effectively swap pallets to work with your system


Pallet Exchangers are proven in a wide range of environments. They enable easy change out of pallets and assists in the removal of honeycomb cooling spacers. Customers benefit by avoiding double handling of products eliminating typical manual handling practices.

How does it work?

A 2-sided tilting pallet booth configured so that the side walls incline to form a V as the booth tilts. The back wall is inclined at 15 degrees to horizontal when the booth is fully rotated ensuring the load is always secure and square. This mechanism ensures the load is safely held without any requirement to translate the side walls in.
A retractable platen automatically lowers onto the load which prevents movement while the load is tilted. When the exchange unit is fully rotated to 95 degrees the booth floor automatically lowers back to floor level so the pallet can be safely and simply exchanged.

Load and pallet removal are all performed at floor level with a hand pallet truck


Exchanger Applications

Durable and tough, Exchangers can be used in a wide range of applications including warehousing, pharmaceutical, meat processing & cold storage.

Food manufacturers who wish to eliminate wooden pallets from the processing floor. The timber pallet can be swapped for an in-house plastic or steel pallet, which conforms to “clean room” standards.

To reduce pallet hire costs by transferring from expensive hire pallets to in-house pallets.
In automated storage and retrieval systems where pallets are routinely checked and defective pallet loads are flagged for exchange.

When goods earmarked for export are sitting on rental or in-house pallets and must be transferred to the export pallet (or slip-sheet) suitable for export.

Pallet loads which need to be straightened and “squared up” on the pallet.

Pallet ExchangerPX200
Capacity2000 kg
Platform Height30mm maximum for easy pallet truck loading
Platform Area1230 x 1250mm (to fit a CHEP size pallet)
Opening Size600-2200mm (load height 600-2000mm)
Tilt Protection3 side fence with light curtain protection across the cell opening
Booth Rotation95 degree (adjustable by limit switch)
Booth Tilt Angle15 degrees
Load Rotation Time20 Seconds up / down
Power Unit415V / 3 Phase / (10-amp outlet required)
ControlsPush-button fence mounted plus Radio remote control
Product FinishIndustrial Enamel
Product Warranty12 months

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