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X200 Semi-automatic Pallet Wrapper

Smart Wasp semi-automatic pallet stretch wrapping machine (also called semi-automatic pallet wrapper) uses LLDPE stretch film as the main packing material to wrap the bulk cargos stacked on the pallet. The film provides extra support during transportation and storage to protect them from dust, moisture, or damage automatically. These pallet wrapping machine are widely used in industries such as food & beverage, manufacturing, glassware, tools, electric & electronic, paper, pottery, food & beverage, etc




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  • 300% Powered Pre-stretch 1m stretches to 3m
  • 1800mm Turntable to suit 1200mm x 1200mm pallet. (2000mm optional)
  • 2.4m Wrap Height (3.0m optional)
  • 2000kg Capacity
  • Ramp (optional extra)
  • Weight Scales (optional extra)
  • Automatic Cut, Clamp and Wiping of the film
  • Roping system designed to better secure your load
  • Film Carriage Safety Door with Sensor
  • Remote Control (No need to get off your forklift)
  • Touch Screen Operation (can save up to 6 programs for various wrapping needs. The wrapping type and styles can be designed to your’ requirements.)
  • Inverter (X-LINE)
  • Intelligent Alarm System with LED Indicator
  • Forklift pockets for easy moving
  • High efficiency and low electricity-consumption, convenient in operation.
  • Photoelectric sensor to detect pallet height (Black wrap sensor optional)
  • Auto reset of turntable
  • Pallet stretch wrapping machine soft start and soft stop.
x100 automatic cut clamp film

Automatic Cut and Clamp and Film Wipe

The X100 has an automatic cut and clamp film system, which means your operators do not need to hand cut the film or attach the film to the pallet anymore, our cut, clamp and wipe film system will do it automatically. The wiping arm pushes the end of the film up against wrap on the pallet and in most cases due to the cling of the film it remains in place, so no longer do you need to worry about those unsightly film tails that need to be manually inserted under the film. (Compressed air is required for this function).

See the Cut, Clamp and Wiping in the video below.

LCD touch operating system

SMART WASP pallet wrapping machine use the best touch screen "SIEMEN", the reaction of the touch screen and functions is perfect. The touch screen can set the "turntable speed up & down speed and film carriage speed directly" and we also prepare for our customer 6 different wrapping programs, of course you can use any one or all of the programs or you can adjust any the parameter in any program and once you have got the programs just how you want them to be, it very easy to choose which program you want to use for each of your products. We are confident you can cover all your wrapping needs using one of the 6 programs.


Saving on Film Consumption

With our standard 300% film stretch rate the standard film can be stretched, turning your 10m of film into 30m of film. Constant releasing pressure on film ensures effective wrapping of all jobs.

The roping function also allows you to more securely wrap a pallet with less film as does our multi layer wrapping function.


Multi-layer Function

With this function you can set different wrapping circles, and different wrapping forces at any height that you want on your pallet. Maximum zones on any one pallet is 9. This is incredible amount of precision wrapping. Normal machines' use a consistent wrapping force and speed from bottom to top and they cannot stop or achieve reinforce wrapping functions during the wrapping cycle. This combined with the ability to rope the wrap is just way beyond what our competitors can offer.


Pallet Gripping System with Film Roping

With our pallet grip system, the film bottom is rolled to become a film rope, which provides a strong grip onto pallet & products during wrapping. During transportation, you can be assured the products will stay on the pallet even with high vibration or shaking. Also, if there is forklift damage to the film on the bottom of the pallet, the remaining film will not break.

You do not need to strap the load down onto the pallet as the film roping does that job.

Remote Control System

The X100 pallet wrap machine comes with a Remote Control. The operator just needs to put the pallet on the turntable, press remote control start button and the machine will wrap the pallet automatically. This means the forklift operator does not need to continually hop on and off the forklift reducing the risk of injury.

remote control system

Advanced Safety Technology

  1. Safety device under film carriage to protect the foot or head of the operator
  2. Transparent board makes it easy to find problem without opening door
  3. Up and down belt deviation and demaged alarm system. Alarming in time to avoid carriage dropping down.

Intelligent Operating System

Each machine is fitted with an indicator light on top of the mast.

  • Blue is machine in standby mode
  • Green is the machine operational
  • Red is emergency or fault mode, the alarm also sounds when an emergency or fault is detected.

Our smart programming means that the machine not only records the fault, it then displays on-screen tips and the steps needed to clear the fault

Best Brand components used

Using only the best and popular brands is your insurance that your Smart Wasp machine will run long and hard for years to come.

SICK proximity switch
AUTONICS photoelectric switch
WEIDMULLER terminal block
X-LINE Inverter
OMRON 24DC power supply

Maximum wrapping speed30-40 loads/hour
Max Packing Weight1500kg
Maximum Wrapping Height2350mm
Turntable Speed 0-12rpm (Adjustable)
Turntable Size 1650mm
Turntable Drive1PH
Film Cut and ClampAutomatic 
Standard Film Width500mm
Constant Film Delivery ForceStandard
Standard Pre-Stretch300% pre-stretch
Wrap ForceVariable (Electric)
Film Capacity250mm Diametery  
Film Delivery SystemPower Roller -Stretch Plus
Film Rope SystemStandard
Integrated ScaleOptional
Machine Weight 680kg
Remote Control System Yes

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