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TAWI vacuum lifters ensure efficient lifting in your operation. Their innovative vacuum lift systems are designed to make lifting efficient, ergonomic and safe, no matter what you need to lift.

Common areas Vacuum Tube Lifters are used for in New Zealand is bag lifting and panel lifting.

TAWI vacuum lifters use vacuum power to grip and lift the load. Vacuum technology offers sustainable, safe and efficient handling of most types of goods.

  • Time- and cost-efficient lifting.
  • Safe grip without damaging the goods.
  • Ergonomic and safe for the operator.

TAWI vacuum lifters – for efficient everyday lifting

TAWI vacuum lifters are robust and reliable tools that make manual handling of loads safer and more efficient. No matter who you are or what you need to lift, TAWI vacuum lifters will make lifting efficient and effortless.

Ergonomic and user-friendly lifters

TAWI vacuum lifting systems are always designed with the user in focus. The lifters are so user-friendly anyone will learn how to use them within minutes. An ergonomic handle helps ensure a good working position for the operator and is just as comfortable for right-handed and left-handed users.

Safety for operator and goods

Vacuum technology is ideal for secure lifting without risk of damaging the goods or the person lifting them. Grip the load with suction cups designed for the goods you need to lift, regardless if you are lifting sacks, boxes, sheets or something else. TAWI offers a wide selection of suction feet and we modify them to meet your specific requests if needed. All TAWI vacuum lifters can be modified for lifting in ATEX regulated facilities or cleanrooms.

Vacuum enables anyone to lift

TAWI vacuum lifters allow everyone to lift up to 270 kilos without effort. Giving everyone the power to lift increases workforce flexibility, making it easy for employees to switch between work stations. The vacuum lifting equipment is extremely versatile, handling everything from simple boxes to complicated car components. Add a quick coupling and you can easily use the same vacuum lift for more than one application, switching between different suction feet in no time. A flexible handle makes it easy to reach high without straining your back or shoulders. Flexible and efficient lifting for productive businesses.

TAWI Vacuum Lifters - available options

High-frequency lifting

High-speed lifting has never been easier. Grip and lift boxes and other goods, quick and easy with TAWI’s high speed lifter.

  • Lifting capacity: <65 kg
  • Lifting speed: 0-1 m/s
  • Stroke: 1720 - 1840 mm
  • Lift, boxes, drums, baggage, food products and more

Multifunctional vacuum lift systems

Grip from the top or from the side, lift high above your head, or reach far into pallet racks. This truly is a multifunctional lifting tool.

  • Lifting capacity: <270 kg
  • Lifting speed: 0-1 m/s
  • Handles: standard / one-hand / flex / extended
  • Tools: wide selection of tools for various loads
  • Flexibility: 360-degree rotation

Stainless-steel lifters for sanitary lifting

Our stainless-steel vacuum lifters come in a wide variety of models, handling up to 120 kilos. Get in touch and we will help you find the right model for your needs.

  • Lifting capacity: <120 kg (<270 kg with standard hose)
  • Lifting speed: 0-1 m/s
  • Handles: standard / one-hand / flex / extended
  • Tools: wide selection of tools for various loads
  • Flexibility: 360-degree rotation

Customized and efficient material handling

Our range of vacuum lifters comes in different models depending on lifting capacity and stroke. Contact us to find the optimal model for your business needs.

  • Lifting capacity: <270 kg
  • Lifting speed: 0-1 m/s
  • Handles: Standard, fixed or flex
  • One hand or two hand grip
  • Various mounting options
  • Wide selection of tools

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