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Machinery Safety Standards

All Simpro bin lifters can be specified to meet international standards for safety of machinery, including ISO13849-1 and AS/NZS4024:2014 up to Category 4 or Performance Level d. This typically includes a range of additional guarding panels, fail-safe monitoring systems and uprated electrical components.

Stainless Steel

All Simpro bin lifter models are available either partially or fully constructed from 304-grade stainless steel, for use in hygiene critical or corrosive environments. Acid-resistant 316-grade stainless steel is also available.

Stainless steel models include features to allow easier cleaning and sterilisation, such as rounded guarding panels. For more details see Dumpmaster Stainless Steel.

Power Supply

All Simpro bin lifters can be powered by battery, 1-phase mains, 3-phase mains, or compressed air (for hazardous/explosive environments).

In all cases, the power supply is used to run a motor, which drives a hydraulic pump to operate the the lifting rams. The hydraulic system incorporates failsafe features, and the lifting pressure and speed are accurately controlled for safe, smooth operation.

Solar Panel

Machines that are used outside can be fitted with a solar panel. Depending on the amount of sunlight available, up to three tonnes per day can be emptied using solar power alone.

Tipping Chutes

A range of standard tipping chutes are available, for applications where the bin lifter cannot be placed immediately beside the destination receptable. The chutes are simply bolted onto the frame, and can be folded up when not in use.

Custom tipping chutes are also available, which can be mounted onto the frame or onto the bin cradle itself.


Dockmaster is a specialised variant of Dumpmaster, designed to empty bins from elevated loading docks and platforms. Carrying this out by hand is difficult, slow, and presents a serious fall hazard; with a Dockmaster it can be safely completed in just seconds.

Unlike a regular Dumpmaster, the Dockmaster is designed to invert bins as low as possible, at just 700mm. To allow operating near platform edges a pair of safety rails are fitted adjacent to the castor wheels, which catch the machine if it is rolled off the edge – instantly preventing further movement.

Custom Safety Door

The standard Dumpmaster has a left-hinge safety door, but can also be supplied with a right-hinge door, swing-up door or roller door. The swing-up and roller doors require less space to open and may be more convenient in some cases.

All types of safety door are fitted with a solenoid-operated electric interlock. This means that while the bin is off the ground, the door is locked. The door can only be unlocked once the cradle is back on the ground, and once the door is opened the machine cannot be operated.

Custom Control Locations

Additional controls can be fitted to either side of the machine, the safety door, or any remote location.

Pendant controls are also available, complete with Raise/Lower, Power and E-stop functionality.

Variable Speed Drive

A VSD unit with ‘joystick’ controller gives the operator fine-grained control over the tipping sequence, allowing bins to be emptied more smoothly. It also provides better ‘shake’ control for clearing residual product.

Ideal applications include emptying into limited-capacity or slow-throughput hoppers; pouring liquids; and tipping delicate grains or other easily-damaged bulk materials.

Dual Hand Controls

A control configuration requiring the use of both hands to operate the machine is available.

This functionality is sometimes required by end-user site policies or health and safety regulations.

Emergency Stop

All Simpro machines can be fitted with one or more Emergency Stop buttons as required.

An Emergency Stop button is not normally required since most models only operate while the Raise or Lower buttons are depressed. A key switch and master electrical lockout switch are provided as standard.

Autocycle Controller

An autocycle controller is available for mains-powered machines only. This unit connects directly into the standard wiring loom, and has 3 potentiometers to adjust the raise, hold, and lower times.

For more complex functions (e.g. interacting with other equipment) a programmable logic controller (PLC) is also available.

Digital Scales

Where product needs to be accurately weighed, digital scales can be installed. These fit under the cradle and record its weight both before and after the tipping cycle. The weight of the product that has been emptied is then accurately calculated.

This equipment does requires that the cradle sit slightly off the ground, and a ramp is provided with the scale kit. The scaleset is not trade certified.

PET-G Guarding

Transparent PET-G guarding is available in place of the standard welded 25x25x2.5mm wire mesh guards.

PET-G standards for Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol-modified, which is a transparent, virtually unbreakable plastic material.

PET-G can be more difficult to keep looking clean than wire mesh.

Operator Guard

An Operator Guard (also known as a splash shield) is available to protect the operator from glass fragments or chemical splashes while tipping. The guard has a steel frame with transparent PET-G panels, and can be easily retrofitted.

Foot Guards

Foot guards are available to prevent the operator from placing their feet beneath the safety cage of the machine. The guards bolt onto the frame between the castors, and can be easily retrofitted.

Ironman Kit

The Ironman Kit is a bolt-on accessory for the standard Dumpmaster, with additional heavy-duty guarding, tiedown points, fork-pockets and castors.

The Ironman Kit is typically used in equipment-hire, construction and military applications, where the regular Dumpmaster specification may not be considered sufficiently robust.

Fork Pocket Kit

A fork pocket kit is available for all variants of Dumpmaster and MegaDumper. This is bolted to the top cross member and allows easy transport and loading of the machine using a standard forklift.

Bin Hook Kit

The bin hook kit can be quickly attached to most bin lifter models, and secures the machine in place against a skip or hopper. Several versions are available to suit different bins. The hook frame can be simply mounted at any height, without fastenings.

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