Pallet Wrappers

X0-PS Basic Pallet Wrapping Machine

  • Pallet stretch wrapping machine using LLDPE stretch film to wrap bulk cargo stacked on a pallet
  • Film provides extra support during transportation and storage to protect from dust, moisture or damage
  • The pallet wrapping machine is widely used in industries such as: glassware, engineering, electric & electronics, paper, pottery, food & beverage, etc

Main Features

  • 1650mm turntable
  • 2400mm max. wrapping height
  • Max load weight: 2000kg
  • 200% pre-stretch rate(1m to 3m), saving packing cost
  • Pre-fix film device, high packing efficiency
  • Comprehensive safety protection system

X-LINE Operating System

It is self-designed and features remote maintenance systems, troubleshooting and boot functions. More convenient operation, easier maintenance.


Save on Film Cost

  • With pre-stretch roller, maximum up to 380% pre-stretch rate
  • Maximize the value of each meter of stretch film
  • Standard constant releasing film
  • Fixed-point wrapping and quantitative use film

High Quality Components

  • X-LINE Touch Screen
  • X-LINE Inverter
  • SICK proximity switch
  • AUTONICS photoelectric switch
  • WEIDMULLER terminal block

Advanced Safety Technology

Safety device under film carriage to protect the foot or head of the operator.

Once someone touches the bottom of the membrane holder, the machine will automatically alarm and stop running. SMART WASP looks after the safety of the operator.


Intelligent LED Light

  1. With LED indicator on machine.
    Ready for work--Blue colour
    Working--Green colour
    Alarm--Red colour
  2. Touch screen guide you how to operate machine. If alarm appears, touch screen will show you how to solve problem

X0-PS Pallet Wrapping Machine in action with pallet of goods on the the turntable.


ModelX0-ps with Pre-stretch
Essential Parameters
Machine size(mm)2435 x 1650 x 2424
Machine weight550KG
Machine power1.5KW
Max. load weight2000 KG
Turntable speed0-12rpm
Packing speed30 loads/h
Max. wrapping height2400mm
Turntable height81mm
Turntable size165 0 mm
Up & down speed0-5.9m/min
Pre-stretch rate250%
Film Width500mm
Film paper Core76mm
Fix film on palletManual
Appearance / Manufacture
Machine materialsSteel, Aluminum
Industrial appearanceMetal plate
Alarm lightsThree Colour LED
Soft start & stop
Intelligent Alarm
Stop at original
Turntable lock
PLC & InverterPCB Integrated Circuit Plate
Sensor switchSICK
Touch screen & MotorSMART WASP
Safety deviceAnti-pressure and anti-fall device at film carriage bottom
Optional Functions
Top Pressure Functionο

Download the X0-PS Brochure

Download the X0-PS Operating Instructions

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